Causes And Effects Of African American Women Essay

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It has been established that discrimination and inequality in our society leads to mental and social distress, however few are aware of the physical harm that is done. The 2008 PBS documentary, “Unnatural Causes...Is Inequality Making Us Sick?” discusses how stress among African American women has negative repercussions toward their newborns during pregnancy. It’s a known fact that people of higher income and education tend to live longer and have fewer health problems. African American woman has a harder time obtaining a higher education/higher income due to the discriminatory environment they are born into. It 's the unequal treatment of African Americans and other groups of minorities in our society that has led to the poor health of African women and their future babies.
What does it mean to be in a state of consciousness? The key word of consciousness to me, is having awareness. Being aware of everything in your surroundings and using these observations to create a relationship between your mind and the world around you. It has been defined as: awareness; the ability to experience feelings; wakefulness; having a sense of selfhood; or the control system of the mind. From birth, humans are constantly developing a unique human behavior. Personality is created based on the mind’s relationship with the environment and your own decision toward adverse situations the world may throw at you. One may make decisions that will make you a better or make you lower your personal…

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