Essay on Causes and Effects Haiti Living Conditions

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Causes and effects of the decrease of living conditions in Haiti

The deforestation of Haiti is one of the causes leading to the decrease of living conditions in Haiti.
As Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas, the Haitians routinely cut down the trees to burn them or turn them into charcoal and sell this. (National geographic daily news, 2010)
Due to this, Haiti became one of the most deforested countries in the world. (Country studies, 2011)
Between 1990 and 2010, Haiti lost an average of 750 ha, which is 0.65% per year. Haiti lost 12.9% of its forest cover, or around 15,000 ha in total in these 20 years. (Mongobay Haiti deforestation data, 2010). This deforestation ensures that soil looses moist of its
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(CBC,2010) The UN was already questioning the fraud in the final results of the legislative nations which raised serious concerns, confirming questions of Haitians about the governments legitimacy. Next to this, international donors are waiting for a new government before they release billions of dollars to help Haiti overcome its deep poverty, earthquake-shattered infrastructure and cholera epidemic. (UN, AP, AFP 2011) This not effective government makes it even worse for Haiti, as there is no visible leader to fix the problems and take the lead in coordinating the IGO’s and NGO’s. (UN,2010)

The decrease of the agricultural productivity results in a high level of unemployment. This decrease is caused by the soil erosion which lowered the productivity of the land and worsened droughts. This eventually leads to desertification and increases the pressure on the remaining land and trees. (country studies, 2012) According to the CIA world Factbook the labour force of agriculture is 38.1 in Haiti, measured in 2010. 66% of all Haitians are depending on the agricultural sector, entailing mainly small-scale farming. (CIA world factbook, 2010)

Due to the tsunami, roads are so filled with rubble that building materials cannot be transported, next to this everything is flooded away by the tsunami and therefore building materials are damaged or even

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