Essay on Causes And Effect Of Weight Gain

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On the other hand, weightloss cannot easily be achieved sometimes. Things such as medicine, pregnancy, and medical problems may cause someone to gain weight. Medications and pregnancy are the major ones that will cause uncontrollable weight gain. Medications usually have to put on the bottle under side effects, “may include weight gain.” People might not want to take that medication anymore after seeing that side effect, but they can keep the weight off by working out and exercising. Having a baby does cause side effects as well. Weight gain is most likely the case. There are some females who might not gain any weight during their pregnancy, or gain a few pounds, but most do. It can be lost after the pregnancy though. It may be a little difficult to lose the fat from the baby, but it is not impossible. Working out and eating right is the solution as well. For example, while the baby is sleeping, walk around the house multiple times or do some sit ups.
Medical problems can cause weight gain as well. If a person has diabetes, they are most likely at risk for being overweight. Depression can cause someone to gain weight. Their drive to do anything decreases their interest in completing everyday activities. Some do not even want to get up and carry on throughout their day. Underactive thyroids can cause obesity too. Thyroids help control the metabolism in a person’s body. If the thyroids are under active, they will slow the metabolism down, which in most cases, will slow the…

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