Essay about Causes And Effect Of Smoking

800 Words Oct 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Causes of Smoking & Effects
Frederick Hurtado
English 100

People still smoke cigarettes; why do they do it? Most people don’t realize how dangerous it really is. The dangerous smoke that citizens are putting in their lungs is highly addictive and extremely toxic. Tobacco products contain nicotine, and nicotine is very addictive. It also contains about four-thousand chemicals. Most of those chemicals we can find today in our homes. Smoking is also known to causes diseases, pre mature deaths and can affect your lifestyle if smoking starts to become a habit.
There are many young citizens and adults that end up getting addicted to smoking cigarettes. This impacts young teenagers because that’s where the Tobacco companies really aim at when it comes to cigarettes. Advertising companies shower the media, commercials, even celebrity’s smoking cigarettes. I recall seeing a tobacco advertisement in a magazine. It was for the brand Chesterfield and in the background of the advertisement was a bright yellow background. It also had a male holding a cigarette along with two packs of their brand of cigarettes on the lower part of the advertisement. On the bottom of the advertisement in a big red banner with white lettering it said “Chesterfield Best For You”. What happens is teens or adults see the big colorful advertisement and the figures in the illustrations make it seem like smoking is good for you because the man in that advertisement had a big smile on his face. But I…

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