Causes And Effect Of Lung Cancer Essay

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Lung cancer carcinogenesis occurs when there is uncontrolled growth of mutated cells in one or both lungs. The cancer develops from mutations in normal cells; the mutated cells form tumors and interfere with the oxygen flow to the body via the blood stream. Tumors develop because of field cancerization, which is the same consecutive genetic and morphologic changes that form an aggressive tumor. Not having oxygen flow can make it very hard for a person to breathe and may cause their body and brain not to function correctly. Tumor suppressor genes are destructive growth regulators that turn off cellular multiplying to the normal cells by repairing DNA or introducing apoptosis. Apoptosis is the cell’s suicidal functions that destroys the cell rather than have it replicate genetic mutations. If the tumor suppressor genes are inactive, then the activation for apoptosis will not start and that leads to the trigger of oncogenes that will cause persistent, uncontrolled cell growth. Cancer begins because of a mutation in the cell’s DNA. DNA mutation occurs via the aging process or environmental influences (cigarette smoke, inhaling toxic fumes, exposure to poisonous gases). Most lung carcinomas grow quickly compared to other cancers. The lung tissue cells repeatedly become more mutated as the mutated cells divide with DNA. As lung cancer progresses, the tumor can travel via blood vessels to other portions of our body. The progression of this stage results in metastasis, which are…

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