Essay on Causes And Effect Of Lightening

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Lightening, something that can light up an inky, blue-black night sky in a flash, is one of nature’s most remarkable phenomenon. To the common man, it is impossible that something so deadly, but venomously beautiful, could come from the sky. I have often wondered what causes such a terrifying occurrence, which is why I plan to explain the causes of lightening. Generally produced in thunderstorms, lightening is formed when liquid and ice particles above the freezing level collide. Once the liquid and ice particles collide, they build up large electrical fields in the clouds. A “spark” occurs whenever these electric fields become large enough to produce static electricity. The static electricity reduces the charge separation. The spark made by the electric fields can occur between three different entities such as between two clouds, between a cloud and air, or between the cloud and ground (What causes lightning?). A cloud is needed in each of the three scenarios. To look at how lightening occurs between clouds, let us look at how clouds are formed. The ground must be hot. The hot ground heats the air above it and as the warm air rises, water vapor cools and forms a cloud. While the air continues to rise, the cloud continues to get bigger and bigger. At the top of the clouds, the temperature is below freezing and the water vapor turns to ice (What causes lightning?). At this point, the cloud becomes a thundercloud with lots of small bits of ice that bump into each other as…

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