Causes And Effect Of Health Disparities Essay

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Assignment 1: Unnatural Causes Reflection
Having access to care, being able to limit stress, and having a stable enough income to afford necessities are luxuries not everyone in the United States can obtain. Those who are without are disadvantaged in some social way. Social disadvantages are not just about one’s identity as a minority, but also are concerned with wealth, socio-economic status, and where one lives. For many, these are factors that limit their ability to live a healthy life, physically or mentally. Observing how different your own community is from others you visit is a way to become aware of how health disparities truly effect the way some people live. Many times, we neglect to take a thorough look around us to see differences in where we live compared to other communities. Taking note of these distinctions, and being able to identify these changes is a start to understanding the social disparities within our own communities, and how they shaped our upbringing, and overall health. Unnatural Causes not only looks into groups of people who suffer from health disparities, but also at times compares people that are socially privileged. Being aware of the differences between both groups allows for an increased awareness on how different approaches to life are based on whether or not social disparities are present. The three main differences addressed in this essay will be differences in the social gradient, stress—particularly resulting from…

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