Essay on Causes And Effect Of Acid Rain

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Acid Rain Controversy
The acid rain problem that everyone faces today demonstrates one thing in particular, and that is, finding new means and approaches that will enable us to defend and protect ourselves, as well as the environment, from the continuous destruction and devastation caused by acid rain. Acid is no longer just an aberration that resulted from the choice of civilization (Yadav, 2012). Everyone can no longer deny the fact that the effects of acid rain had become more than what the world can handle. Over the past years and decades, the acid deposition had grown significantly and has become one of the primary subjects being studied by various scientists and researchers across the globe. It has also gained wide media coverage ranging from its cause and effect, as well as the threats it provides in the society, particularly, in its relationship to "Global Warming" (Yadav, 2012). The acidification of both land and water has reached a drastic point wherein it needs the immediate response and solution coming from the government. It was even mentioned that acid rain had become one of the most, "or perhaps, the worst environmental threat" (Yadav, 2012) that hit the planet earth. This is an ongoing catastrophe that bears not only a bigger environmental problem but also a new dimension of issues and concerns that might affect the future of the planet. The Swedish Ministry of Agriculture even mentioned that life on earth would cease if there is no solution that can be…

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