Essay about Causes And Consequences Of The Kidneys

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The kidneys are a very important part of the body, located in the urinary system, that filters waste product from the blood. When the kidneys lose their ability to filter this waste from the blood, a disorder known as acute renal failure, also called acute kidney failure or injury. Concerning amounts of waste can accumulate due to this disorder, and can become fatal. Although this disease is very serious and life-threatening, acute renal failure progresses within a few hours or days. Kidney failure occurs more in individuals who are already severely ill and hospitalized. Along with disposing of waste, the kidneys also assist in balancing salt, water, and other minerals in the blood, so when the kidneys fail to operate correctly, it causes these objects to accumulate in the body. This disorder has three main causes, one of which is an abrupt drop in the movement of blood to the kidneys. A second main cause is harm from certain medications, infections, or toxins. The third main cause is an obstruction that causes urine to stop flowing from the kidneys. Even an enlarged prostate gland can create an obstruction. A nephrologist is a doctor that focuses on all aspects of the kidneys, including the treatment of them. Treatment options for acute renal failure range from halting any harmful medications, reestablishing the flow of blood to the kidneys, or eliminate any obstructions in the urinary tract. Along with these treatments, a doctor may simultaneously reduce toxins from…

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