Causes And Consequences Of Spontaneous Abortions Essay

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Each and every event that occurs throughout a person’s life has a cause and an effect. Everything is caused by something, and there is always a final outcome. Many woman who attempt to have children experience at least one miscarriage, but what they fail to understand is why it happens, and how it can be fixed. My Aunt Lori is a perfect example of the many young mothers who are easily deceived by this difficult situation. Miscarriages which are also known as spontaneous abortions are described as very difficult event both physically and emotionally. Trisha Thompson writes, “Around 15 percent of ‘known’ pregnancies and up to half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first trimester” (Thompson, Seven Most Common Miscarriage Causes). This is a very common event in today’s society, most women do not realize that they have lost a child. This heartbreaking occurrence usually only happens within a certain time frame, and has very few causes. The majority of spontaneous abortions occur within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Rare cases, which can also be known as late miscarriages, can occur after about twenty weeks of gestation. Gestation is simply the allotted time a child has to develop while in the womb. Spontaneous abortion can occur for several reasons, and may happen repeatedly. One reason is that a child may have abnormal chromosomes. Doctor Bryan Cowan says, “Mismatched chromosomes account for at least 60 percent of miscarriages” (Cowan, Why it leads to…

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