Causes And Consequences Of Global Warming Essay

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Imagine living in a world full of intoxicated air and having to use a breathing mask to breathe well. Using breathing mask could be used more often here on Earth for the next up and coming years if human beings do not take action and stop global warming from getting worse than it is. Part of it is starts with electric power plants. They emit about 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year, or roughly 40 percent of the nation 's total emissions (Lashof). That is just one small part of the pie unfortunately. There are a whole lot of situations causing global warming, but electric power plants are just one part of the climate crisis. Global warming is also happening because of wildfires, transportation, and mass deforestation.
The first cause of global warming would be wildfire occurrences. The frequencies of large wildfires have been steadily increasing in the Western United States. Drier conditions increase the probability of fire occurrences. Summertime temperatures in Western North America are going to be between 3.6 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit higher by mid-century, enhancing evaporation rates (Wildfire). Precipitation is going to decrease by up to 15%. Lighting is also a huge factor. Once it strikes dry land after the snow dries up in the mountains, it causes longer wildfires than usual (Wildfire). Although, others may argue that wildfires are not a factor to global warming. The truth is that humans cause wildfires 90% of the time (Staudt). Once wildfires start, they…

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