Causes And Consequences Of Divorce Essay examples

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Currently, approximately 40 per cent of marriages can be expected to end in divorce. When divorce occurs this affects the child in many different ways depending on their age. These effects often start with stress, depression and may eventually lead to lifelong psychological problems. The way in which the situation is handled changes the degree of problems which the child will encounter.
There are 5 main reasons for divorce. These consist of getting married for the wrong reasons , such as for money or lack of individual identity . If you are constantly with your partner you may forget your own interests and feel unimportant when they are not around. Also being lost in roles , such as when a couple get married they maybe likely to forget their single ways, when children come into the relationship many couples forget they are a couple and stop giving one another time or affection. Not having a shared vision of success is another significant issue, with the final reason being the inability to resolve conflicts . Of course divorce can occur at any given time and for any reason.

There are eight stages of emotional and social development, with only the first four stages occurring in childhood. The first stage of learning happens up to the age of 2, is basic trust. If a baby or toddler is nurtured and loved, they will develop trust, security and basic optimism , however, if they are abused, they will become insecure and distrustful. “Social and emotional development occurs as…

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