Workplace Bullying Essay

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Workplace bullying is a form of oppression or discrimination that is targeted against a group of employees or an individual through verbal comments, nonverbal behaviours, and physical abuse, psychological and /or humiliation; which can them mentally affect or socially isolate the person in the workplace (Bullying on the workplace, 2014, para. 1). As we all know that workplace bullying can happen to anyone partly because of their sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender difference, marital status, age, education, social economic status, and ability or disability. For example, an immigrant employee who shared her story of a workplace bully in the Huffpost Living Canada only news article “… [who] was taken into a boardroom… [said] It wasn 't just about the work I did. It was about how I dressed, my accent, the food I ate... An assistant I once considered a friend told me I smelled bad. My face turned hot with embarrassment…” (Dave, 2015, para. 14). This an example of a workplace bullying by making the person feels inferior and unrecognized. The truth everyone has an accent if you travel out of your country of origin. Bullying
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The victim can experience any of the following: lack of motivation to go to work or do his/her assigned task effectively; depression; victim can turn to alcohol and/ drug abuse; feeling suicidal; anxiety; panic attack; loss of appetite; lack of trust; cardiovascular diseases; stress; PTSD symptoms; burnout; physical and emotion numbness; insomnia (having sleep problems); lack of confidence and lower self-esteem; mood swings; fear; inability to concentrate; social isolation; etc. (Stress injury, n.d. para. 2). Individuals may experience more than one or multiple consequences. In addition, consequences may vary depending on the individuals’

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