Causes And Consequences Of A Pregnant Woman Essay

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Unintended pregnancies happen almost every-time. Forcing a pregnant women to keep a child is very un-american like just because of the fact the women has no choice or say. An impregnated women may not have the responsibilities to take care of a child thus, leading the child to set bad examples in school or around other children.Abortion is a topic that requires people to look at it both from a negative and a positive aspect. There is no edge, who has the better side, etc. Pro-life is keeping a baby and pro- choice is deciding on aborting or keeping a baby. My group were given pro choice which means the freedom of deciding whether they want to abort their child or not. Some heavy arguments are rape occurs which leads to unintended pregnancy, the freedom of choice as well as the freedom of speech, and knowing that a baby isn’t fully their mentally.
To kick things off, rape for a human (specifically female) starts at 12 years or older.In 2010, 270,000 females were victimized of either sexual assault or raped. Given the facts and numbers this gives a female a high risk of getting sexually assaulted and thus becoming impregnated unintendedly. The option of giving a choice weather to keep the baby should be given to the victim at all times.They shouldn’t decide right away, but giving and talking to them about abortion should be as a choice they should consider. One small benefit is that aborting a child is quite expensive, but that money could go towards charity. How it works is…

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