Causes And Complications Of Biomedicine

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1) Biomedicine, according to Kinsley, is ontological and mechanical and does not generally subscribe to looking at a patient’s “way of life” for diagnosing disease and illness. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? Illustrate with examples.
Kinsley describes ontological as a disease process that is different or separate from the individual’s body (1996:170). To me this would be considered something along the lines of bacterial or viral infections that invade the body causing harm and sickness to the patient. Kinsley views the medical system with all its technology and gadgets as mechanical in nature, separating itself from the emotional, spiritual, and cultural aspects of healing. The body is broken up into parts, organ systems
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Hahn (1995:38) describes biomedicine as the study and approach of illnesses and healing using scientific methods. Dr. Alex Perry describes modern medicine, western medicine, or biomedicine as an upstream approach to finding the causing of this illness or disruption of body chemistry. By first completing a series of lab test and diagnostic test the overall reason for the illness is found, once this disruption is cured or regulated, this causes a downstream effect and the signs and symptoms of the disease process subside. Pamela Erickson describes biomedicine as curing the disease process within the body by removal or destruction of unwanted organisms in her video presentation “The Healing Lessons of Ethnomedicine” (

Complementary medicine is a combination of different techniques and treatments that complement each other to improve the overall healing process. Dr. Perry suggest that a person may need a combination of Western medicine and Chinese medicine (alternative medicine) to get the wanted healing response. By combining the different skills and tools of both worlds this gives the patient a better overall outcome, which stimulates the body to heal. Dr. Erickson describes healing as the restoration of a person’s inner self such as spiritual and mental health, physical and emotional wellbeing, and

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