Cause and Effect of a Concussion Essay

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Myles McMurray
July 10, 2011
Causes and Effects of a Concussion

Today around the world there is a large number of athletes playing in competitive sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and many more. The atheletes are ranged from pop warner football for the children all the way to the professional level. There are different levels at which each player can correctfully and fully develope in to the spectacular athletes that we have today. There are programs for todays youth to experience how to work as a team to overcome obstacles and also challenge them mentally as well as physically. The sports of my focus will be on American Sports. Also now that these kinds of programs are starting to engage with more and
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Another effect is the loss of motor skills; after a sever concussion, later on down the road a person may start to develope motor skill problems. Loss of running ability, bad usage of hands an example can be just the openining a jar but can't. The long term effects of a concussion is worse than the short term effects because of how sever the blow is . Not being able to run by the age of 30 because of the brain trama

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