Cause Of The American Civil War Essay examples

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There has been much historical debate over the causes of The American Civil War, with some historians arguing that it was due to the rising abolition movement and others arguing that it was due to economic factors, such as the fundamental differences in the Northern and Southern economies. Many Historians tend to agree that although the war did not begin because of slavery, it influenced the events of the war itself and its outcome, as the cause became one of emancipation. Civil War historiography doesn’t describe the origins of the civil war being purely economic and frequently the view of the Civil War as ‘a crusade against the evil of slavery’ is rejected. Other factors to consider when examining the origins of the Civil War include political decisions and reactions from them, economic differences and the abolition movement. In my opinion, I think that race had the largest influence in causing The American Civil War due to the rise of the abolition movement.

It can be suggested that the economic differences between Northern and Southern states led to the civil war. Many historians agree that Southern deficiencies in commerce, finance and transport ultimately led to the Southern defeat and the emancipation of slaves, as it was not a war between two equal parties. In the South, there was a shortage of factories which could be used to make guns and weaponry and they lacked methods to transport any goods over long distances. In contrast, the North benefited from an…

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