Cause Of Homelessness

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With the growing need to maintain financial stability and the constant aspiration to climb up the social ladder, the rise of homelessness and lack of justice is a growing epidemic that many fail to give thought and attention to. Usually, the instinct of many individuals upon coming into contact with an individual begging for financial help, or merely coming across a homeless encampment, is to keep walking and turn a head away. For the few who are able to spare some change or a sincere acknowledgment, though the small act of kindness serves as a temporary form of aid, it does not address the issue behind homelessness. In the scope of this issue, not only are individuals depleted of basic needs and resources, but also many who fall trap to the incarceration system are consequently dehumanized and are stripped of their personhood. Although there are some efforts that attempt to combat this plague, the services do not necessarily serve the long-term problem and the root cause of these issues can be boiled down to the lack of distributive justice. …show more content…
In many cases, individuals end up homeless not because of one incident, but rather an accumulation of various events that lead up to it. This could be showcased as a form of relative deprivation, for instance: the depriving of adequate shelter and food, to the absence of job opportunities because the lack of a permanent residence, to even underutilizing medical aid. The lack of access to these resources not only depletes individuals, but it also stagnates the possibility of improving their circumstances. Meritocracy does not always play a significant role in homelessness and lack of resources, but is rather a systemic

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