Childhood Obesity Research Paper

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Obesity has become an epidemic in America, an epidemic that is entirely preventable. Not only does it affect adults, but also many children are obese and overweight. Childhood obesity can lead to grave consequences in several areas of child development. Obesity is a gateway disease that can cause further health risks and problems throughout adulthood. Obesity is known to affect the child’s self esteem, emotional and social well being, and physical health. This epidemic is also linked to poor academic performance and a low class life. The causes of obesity start at the child’s home. The two main factors that case obesity are diet and physical activity. Children that suffer from obesity often eat fast food; consume sugary beverages, large portion …show more content…
“Sedentary lifestyle is an important factor for obesity, as many children spend most of their time in front of television sets, play video games, and watch computers. Children snack more in front of television and spent most of their time sitting without any physical activity,” (Karnick and Kanekar, 3.) It is suggested that a child get at least sixty minutes of physical activity each day. Since the child is lacking physical activity, they have an imbalance between caloric intake and the number of calories utilized. “Only 35.8 percent of students in the United States reported achieving the recommended physical activity guidelines, spending at least sixty minutes per day at least five days a week on moderate to vigorous physical activity” (Budd and Hayman, 2008.) If the child isn’t getting enough physical activity it will result in weight gain because the amount of calories that are consumed exceeds the number of calories and energy burned. Because children are spending more time in front of the television, they are often exposed to advertisements. “The television advertisements of energy-rich and sugar rich foods influence children to make unhealthy choices. These unhealthy food choices may lead to weight gain and obesity” (Karnik and Kanekar, 3.) The media always has a way of impacting our choices; this includes the unhealthy McDonald’s cravings …show more content…
It can lead to many harmful diseases that can continue throughout adulthood. The three most common health issues that are associated with childhood obesity are diabetes, sleep apnea, and cardiovascular disease.
Type 2 Diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. If a child has diabetes, their body is unable to produce enough insulin. Insulin lets the body use glucose for energy and glucose is the main source of energy in their body. If the child is lacking sufficient insulin or energy their body is unable to function properly. Often Type 2 Diabetes in children leads to complications resulting in their kidneys shutting down. Sleep apnea may not be as common as diabetes. But it is a lot more serious. Sleep apnea causes the oxygen levels in the blood to fall significantly during the child’s sleep. If a child suffers from sleep apnea they are not able to breathe for small periods of time during sleep, sometimes even lasting more than a minute. This happens because the brain is no longer able to signal the muscles to breathe. If sleep apnea is not treated properly, it can result in high blood pressure, headaches, memory problems, and cardiovascular

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