What Do You Know Of Air Pollution?

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What do you know of Air pollution? Of its effects? How it starts? Air pollution is known by everyone, though very few know of the problems it causes for both our environment and us. Both the environment and we are not the only ones affected the environment changes cause what is known as acid rain and this rain damages all the creations that humanity has made over the centuries. Multiple people know of air pollution and the problems it causes such as problems concerning the body, the changes to the environment, the changes in weather, and problems it causes for people with asthma; however, a few things have been done to better the problem such as The Clean Air Act passed in 1990. Air pollution causes multiple problems mainly concerning with …show more content…
“Other pollutants make their way up into the upper atmosphere, causing a thinning of the protective Ozone layer.”(“Concerned about air pollution”). Due to the thinning of the Ozone as mentioned in Concerned about air pollution, it causes problems to the vegetation on the planet. “By making sensitive vegetation, ozone makes plants more susceptible to disease.”(“Health”). In the environment, multiple alterations have occurred in the world. One would be acid-rain, which is a collection of gases that have become liquid while in the air and return to the ground as a harmful material. People’s skin can become irritated or worse from it and people that may purposely or by accident drink the precipitation can become ill. Along with bodily harm it also disintegrates statues by defacing them. Acid-rain is not the only problem; another major problem would be the ground-level Ozone layer. Although ground-level Ozone is a major problem, acid rain is far worse as it remains ever-more …show more content…
“President proposed legislation designed to curb three major threats to the nation`s environment.”(“Clean Air Act”).
“The Clean Air Act has helped change the way many of us work or business.”(“Concerned about air pollution”). The Clean Air Act is one of the few actions that have been heard of in America to somewhat regulate the amount of pollution caused by all the technology of modern day civilization. The President`s action towards pollution shows that there are people concerned by all of the pollution here in the modern world. After all the effort that people have put forth, there still remain the damages that continue and the damages that are

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