Cause And Effects Of Child Abuse: Cause And Effects

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Cause and effect of Child abuse It’s extremely difficult to imagine a child being put through any kind of pain; however, it is very common in the world. It has become a controversial topic around the world. Child abuse is an act committed when a parent or caretaker causes, or fails to call attention a life risk of, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse towards a child under eighteen years of age. This final paper will include a more depth look at the physical, sexual, emotional and social effect on individuals. In addition, the paper will discuss substances abuse and other potential causes.
Mind of An abuser
Even though, there isn’t a clear explanation for child abuse, multiple studies have emerged stated its problems that humans
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They start showing signs of panic attacks, self-neglect, clinging behavior, and an eating disorder. Individuals who have been abused in the past tend to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). One main aspect they will lack would have to be, social skills. A social worker in the 1970s discovered a case relating to child abuse and neglect. A little girl named Genie was locked away in her room since she was 20 months old, and this includes no sign of providing warmth, love, and care for the child. A nurturing environment was not provided for the girl. At the age of 13, Genes was found, and brought to a hospital. Now, because she was never introduced to any sort of social skills, just at this age, she had no sign of language development and was not able to communicate. (Curtis et al, 1974). Some common indicators have also surfaced throughout the classroom. Teachers of child abuse victims have noted that those who are abused seemed to have lower self-esteem, more aggression, have academic challenges and have poor social skills (Yanowitz, 2003). Child abuse has a staggering effect not only on the child but the guardian or caretaker, who has to help the child recover this long tough

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