Cause and Effect Essay

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eBooker T. Washington
Cause and effect essay

Booker T. Washington was born in Franklin County Virginia in 1856. Born and raised by an African American mother whose name was Jane but, ignored by a white father whom he never met (Gates). Booker T. Washington was born directly into slavery, however, during the civil war; his family was freed from slavery but not from racism (WV Harlan states, at the age of nine, he carried on the role of an adult and worked the salt furnaces and coal mines in West Virginia. “Determined to educate himself, he traveled hundreds of miles under great hardship until he arrived penniless, exhausted, and filthy at the Institute of Hampton” (Wormser). WV also states, after Booker T.
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Mr. Washington was born in the mid 1800’s when the civil war was taken place. He was born and raised into slavery. The civil war began in 1861 when he was five years old (Freeman). He and his family remained slaves until the civil war ended in 1865; he was nine years old when he was freed from slavery, but not from segregation. Mr. Washington was considered a leader in the black community because of his experience as a child with being born into slavery. states, “At an early age, Booker went to work carrying sacks of grain to the plantation’s mill. Toting 100-pound sacks was hard work for a small boy, and he was beaten on occasion for not performing his duties satisfactorily”.
Booker T. Washington and his family lived in a small log cabin approximately 12x16 feet. His mother Jane was the cook for their master; so she did all the cooking in the small cabin with no windows. There, in the cabin there was only a dirt floor which they slept on top of rags. Because, Mr. Washington was very young, he didn’t experience personally the severe and physical beatings; had he been older and a slave. However, he carried the burden of the life of a slave and still worked harsh labor for just a small boy. And although he didn’t experience harsh beatings himself personally, he witnessed them. There were times where Washington and his family wouldn’t eat for days; so

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