Essay on Cause And Effect Of Weight And Obesity

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Throughout the history of humans the shifts in eating behaviors has resulted in an increased number of overweight and obese individuals throughout the world. As the majority of jobs become more sedentary the weight of those working has increased causing what some call an obesity epidemic. (Church, 2011) Although, not one single factor can be solely identified causing this large trend throughout the world. Rather, in the case of weight, physiological, psychological, and environmental factors all influence a person’s weight. Understanding the complex system of factors that explain the overall increase in individual weight can help reverse this epidemic and promote personal health as opposed to finding an optimum weight. For those struggling with weight and obesity, emotions play a large role in not only when eating occurs but what is consumed. For emotional eaters both negative and positive emotions can elicit an increase in food intake due to a decreased control of cognition during that time. Negative emotions seem to regulate eating, especially carbohydrates which boost levels of serotonin. This neurotransmitter not only has a calming effect but also controls some bowel functions. (Macht, 2007) An individual’s memory of daily food intake also affects subsequent feeding habits and can correlate to overeating behaviors. If an individual encodes the memory of the last meal and the time eaten later snack intake will decrease, while failure to encode memories of these events…

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