Cause And Effect Of Stroke Essay

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Stroke is rated as the number four cause of death and foremost cause of disability in the United State. It is considered as one of the major health problems comprises the uncontrollable liability of early mortality. However, the good news is that stroke could be largely prevented by eighty percent by basic health practices such physical plan exercises, personal behaviors, avoidance of smoking, getting physical activity at least 3.5 hours or more per week, eluding extra body weight by keeping Basic Mass Index (BMI), less than 30, eating a nutritious diet noticeable by three-pointers, high consumption of fruits and vegetables, little red meat intake, and selecting mostly whole grains, play part of protecting or avoiding stroke (Hall, 2013). However, this disease has taken many people’s happiness from them as well as many people lives. The dangers of strokes are that they sometimes happen suddenly disease, which means it does not give any signs but it does give signs sometime as indicated by America Stroke Association (ASA, 2016). ASA name it FAST which indicate the signs to watch or pay attention as an indication of stroke. FAST is consist of face dropping for “F”. In this case the one side of the face drops. The best way to figure it out is having person smile. If the person’s smile is uneven it an indication of stroke. Arm weakness for “A”. If any of the arm is weak or norm or if anyone find it difficult to raise his or her arm it is a sign of stroke. “S” is for speech,…

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