Cause And Effect Of Social Media Essay

702 Words Jul 6th, 2015 3 Pages
Cause and Effect of Social Media Most people have used social media in their lifetime to communicate with others. However, there are still people who have not used social media, but their size is shrinking daily. Social media is any website, or application, that lets users create and share content or participate in the social network. An example of a social media is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These social media websites are places where users can add friends and share pictures or thoughts for anyone to see. Due to advances in technology, people are losing their social skills and bullying has taken on a cyber-form. Since the economy started to rely on the advances of technology, companies needed a way to communicate with other businesses and find a way to advertise online; one solution was to create social media. When people released the first computer to the public, they went crazy for the new sensation. The users demanded the computers be improved and new electronics be delivered. Technology innovation struck again in the form of smartphones and tablets. The people wanted these devices in order to have mobile access to information on the internet. Easy access information in not the only benefit customers receive. Social media and communication to other friends and family, outside of their reach, are additional benefits of innovation. People liked this idea and started to use the social media websites. This is how the current trend of social media…

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