Cause And Effect Of School Shootings Essay

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CHAPTER 2 ELEVATED CONCERNS ABOUT SAFETYIn light of these statistics, the concerns and fears of parents and children appear to be out of proportion to reality. The publicity that school shootings have received is a likely cause of fear. But there are other reasons for elevated fears. In addition to their Concerns about violent behavior, students are fearful of and intimidated by other, less serious forms of peer hostility. These include physical aggression such as shoving and pushing, face-to-face verbal harassment, public humiliation, and rumor mongering. About 20-30 percent of American students (i.e., over 10 million) repeatedly either engage in or are the targets of bullying tactics [6] that contribute to the climate of fear. [7] In fact, youth ages 8 to 15 rank bullying as more of a problem in their lives than discrimination, racism, or violence. [8] And children who view themselves as targets of bullying show high levels of anxiety and depression that impede their school performance. [9]Bullying and more serious violent behavior are not separate problems. Childhood bullying predicts person-oriented crime in young adulthood.[10]Thus, bullying is one precursor of more extreme forms of hostility. In addition, a small but potentially volatile group of youth not only perceive themselves as the victims of peer taunting and ridicule, but are also aggressive themselves.[11] Although more research is needed to identify the conditions under which victims of bullying are most…

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