The Unthinkable Event Of North And South Korea

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On August 8, 1945 the world would hear a major event about a country that everyone knew about. It wasn’t good for the country of Korea on that day. Many people ask why this is a bad event for Korea. Well, on that day the unthinkable happened, Korea split into two countries. That country would soon be called North and South Korea. They had to build a wall in the 39th parallel so that the countries would fight and hurt any of their loyal citizens in the country.They called this wall the demilitarized zone or the DMZ. This was the first time in history that had to have a dedicated DMZ to separate a country from going into war. This wall is built and has not caused war yet in any of the countries yet. Since Korea forged the DMZ to separate the …show more content…
North Korea are accidently injuring people. An example would be from Pushing the Envelope in North Korea by Jerry Guo. To paraphrase Guo, many problems have occurred in the north part of Korea. Some time ago, an artillery strike occurred and injured 46 sailors (Guo 6). North Korea has injured 46 sailors and they did nothing about it. They injured other people while the people were on a boat. North Korea is harming the good people who are passing the country and they don’t care that it was an accident. Also, many of the people in the country are not friendly people. The article Inside North Korea talks about how they were treated. They said, North Koreans are not hostile but they are cautious after 60 years of one-party rule. Whenever I pass someone on the street I see closed, curious or scared faces. But I never encounter aggressive reactions. Sometimes I even get a smile, especially from people who can speak some English” (Inside North Korea). Many people in North Korea our mean. Especially people who are from the United States. Even though he didn’t get aggression out of them, some of the people were nice in the country and were nice to him.
Since Korea forged the DMZ to separate the countries to prevent war in each of the countries, this has caused them to be in a neutral state of war. Many people are worries that this DMZ will put them in a state of war in the near future. The history of Korea, the day they split, and the DMZ are very important to know when you are talking about this tragic event that happened in Korea. It was very devastating to the people that lived in Korea. Families got separated due to this event that happened in Korea and all the wall did was make people fear of war happening

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