Essay on Cause And Effect Of Live Free And Starve

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Cause and Effect “Live Free and Starve”
In the life of human, a being serves another being in exchange for goods and services. It’s in humans’ nature, more likely an instinct to constantly serve someone to survive. It could be ones self, their boss or even a friend. Humans have been serving for thousands of years for example from Gods to human providers materialistically richer than and overpowering than them. It’s not big of a deal when we see an adult working until complete physical and mental exhaustion. However, if people in the first world countries see this happening to a child, their first instinct is to start judge negatively without understanding the positive benefits it provides the kid with. High key, the unconscious mind tempt to work on autopilot which means that it’s not present in the moment. When you don’t give thought about certain situations, you just accept what has been told to you and act on impulsive behavior. Just like people who watch news channels on television tend to get programmed with negative facts and truths, also skipping mostly on the positive ones. That’s why their impulsive behavior afterword’s, is often negative in terms of the situation being discussed. However, to keep the peace, one should stay neutral when in a debate, since one can see all the sides of situation and formulate different conclusions. For example, in the story “Live Free and Starve” the
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