Essay on Cause And Effect Of Exercising

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Cause and Effect of Exercising
Exercising is one of the greatest health benefits known to man. Exercising goes back into the early ages of the earth. Without exercise back in the past, humans would be completely out of shape. Everybody exercises, whether he/she is trying to becoming the World’s Strongest Man/Woman, or just doing it to stay in shape. To some, exercising is a way to refresh themselves from all of the stress they are having, or maybe just to be better than they were in the last basketball game. Exercising is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape. Exercising makes a person feel great, look great, move great, and live great. When it comes to exercising, the positive effects will overcome the negative effects in the present and even down the road. Exercising is addicting if someone is putting in the effort each day. God created the human body for movement, not to sit around all day and be lazy. Being lazy causes one to gain more weight. If an individual only eats and lays around, he/she is not burning any calories or fat off his/her body. If the person gets up every morning and goes for a run, they are getting a good exercise in and are improving their stamina. Exercising daily causes an individual to feel great every day and gives him/her the need to keep exercising. Staying healthy is one of the main effects of daily exercise. The effect it leaves the daily exerciser is positive most of the time. While exercising, one needs to know that if he/she is not…

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