Divorce And Its Effects On Children

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The legal dissolve of a marriage is the definition of a divorce. Many people do everything within their power to evade this topic in conversation due to how large of an impact is left of everyone involved. Cheadle and Amato (2005) spoke that, when there are children involved in discord within the household and eventual divorce the effects are heightened. Within recent years, society has gradually accepted separation and divorce. With this acceptance it seems as if more and more people are taking apart in divorce which impact more and more people. Divorce is both a direct effect of events and a precursor to many. While some of the causes that lead up to divorce can be many, the effects of it can be that a child’s self-esteem and psyche can deteriorate,single-parenting, …show more content…
This is also known as the attachment theory which Cheadle and Amato(2005) have written about. Children have their first relationship with parents and that is where they first pick up their social skills. They watch how their parent react to others and learn eventually mimic what they see.Children in a hostile environment will observe how their parents constantly fight, may duplicate what they see by fighting at school and later fight with their spouses and in some cases divorce. It can become a vicious cycle that is hard to break. Children of a nuclear home are more likely to be mentally stable, see marriage in a positive manner, are more inclined to trust, and are less introverted than children of divorced parent. The children dealing or ones who have dealt with divorce can be less financially stable and may have multiple interpersonal problems, according to Cheadle and Amato(2005). School grades, destroyed parent-child relationships, and unhealthy social relationships are some of the other issues a child may …show more content…
If the children are present while the parents are fighting, it can cause the child to be sad, stressed out, and become introverted. Some children even start to think that they are the cause of their parents arguments. When it becomes a single parent home, things become much harder. In the past years single-parenting has become more and more common. These families are more financial issues and have more difficulty providing for their children. They work full-time jobs, may have custody issues with the other parents, deal with the child’s school problems, and suffer from psychological and sometimes physical tension that can become deadly. Fagan and Churchill (2012) mentioned that even with the single mother’s best intentions, she is not as able as someone that is married to give mental support to her child. She may tend to not be as caring and talkative with her children and are more inclined to be stricter with them, more so within the beginning years of divorce. Even with all of the things that the parents have to go through, it is nothing compared to what the child is dealing

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