Essay on Cause And Effect Of Disaster Strikes

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When disaster strikes, many areas, places , and businesses are impacted and consequently many consumers and sellers feel the effects. A market in which I examined was with the Nashville Floods. I chose this natural disaster because it impacted me quite tremendously. During the incident in the area in which I lived was highly impacted and affected by the flood waters and massive amounts of damage. A service that was highly affected during and after this natural disaster was gasoline. I totally could see the impact as a result of this disaster of this resource. Likewise, it was evident that gasoline after the Nashville floods proved to be a concern and a market in which highly impacted the consumers. Furthermore, either consumers were not able to attain gasoline because it was completely out due to the over abundance of consumers that needed and/or wanted it or simply unavailable because gas trucks could not get to the city to fill up the pumps, or consumers just feared that they would not have it when they needed it so they went out and purchased many gallons to have on hand later. Additionally, there were several contributing factors in relation to the gas scarcity. The flood waters were so massive in covering buildings, homes, and vast areas resulted in hundreds of schools and businesses being closed, the displacement of many residents, students, and employees, and furthermore, many businesses lost out in revenue. Furthermore, many personal and professional…

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