Essay about Cause And Effect Of College Dropouts

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Cause and Effect in College Dropouts.
Education is the one thing that changes and should be learned throughout a person’s life, yet there are students that just give up and dropout from college. The factor for this could be the stress, financial struggles, a lack of skills, undeclared major, or the struggle of transitioning from high school to college. In some occasions the stress can be so overwhelming that it can affect a person’s health, making the individual feel like the hard work was not good enough so what is the point on trying. The class environment also influences a person’s success in achieving their goal; being unorganized can make the student feel like it’s not worth the time to pass the class.
Education is an important tool for the mind.
Stress can make college feel like military boot camp, if a person is just starting it can become a huge amount of pressure. Finding the right class and making sure every paper and syllabus is organized and not lost: The instructors also tend to be blunt on the first day, making sure that the college student know that they are in the real world and can’t depend on anyone but themselves when it comes to turning in assignments; no late work will be accepted. Mentally it can weigh down a person, and while the student must remember all this information, they also

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