Cause And Effect Of Argumentative Essay On Lois Gunden

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During the Holocaust twenty-six year old Lois Gunden, who was an American French teacher from Goshen, Indiana, went to work with the Mennonite Central Committee in southern France. During her time there she has saved over nine women and children. She saved a little girl named Ginette Kalish who was only twelve years at the time by taking her in from her mother and father on a train, Kalish told Yad Vashem in their article (Women of Valor) about Gunden “At the time I was 12 and certainly scared, but Lois Gunden was kind and passionately determined to take me and these other Jewish children out of Rivesaltes to protect them from harm.” Gunden took care of these children like they were her own. One morning when the children were out for a walk,

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