Essay about Cause And Effect Of Alcohol Consumption On Airplanes

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Whether a person is a passenger on a boat, car, or plane, alcohol is not a smart choice because it is known to quickly impair judgement and lead to behavior than can easily contribute to accidents. Alcohol causes slowed reaction time, decreased judgement and reduced memory (Ban Alcohol on). Although some airline regulations exist to prevent too much alcohol consumption on airplanes, there needs to be more federal laws enforced because people are disrupting other passengers and the flight crew. Many reasons exist for why people drink on an airplane. It begins at the airport prior to their flight. Because alcohol is so profitable, airports are encouraging drinking at all times of day (Airport Alcohol Rule). In addition, due to the common fear of flying, alcohol is used by many people to calm their nerves. Alcohol has been proven to cause a relaxed feeling in the body. In turn, this allows the usually stressed person to unwind. In addition, smoking is illegal in airports and on airplanes in the United States causing many people to use alcohol as a substitute (Airport Alcohol Rule). Furthermore, drinking can be used as a social ice breaker in the airport and on the plane. This is especially true for people who have layover flights where they can drink at a bar and socialize with others in their extra time at the airport. The reasons for drinking are not justified for the consequences that alcohol causes.
Alcohol causes a large amount of incidents on planes. In the two years…

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