Essay on Cause and Effect About a Difficult Decision

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Reasons and Results about my Difficult Decision There were several causes and effects had happened in my life when I decided to run away from home and stay in my grandparent’s house. When I was eight, we often had family problems, and the most major part of it was about financial problem. I planned to go away grabbing my brother’s hands and went to my grandparent’s house to stay, because at first, I’m irritated by their fights. Second, I felt pity for myself. Lastly, I want to teach them a lesson and realize that their actions are wrong. By the decision I made, I encounter some effects. The two effects were not good. They were: first, I couldn’t focus with my studies, and second, I became too emotional. But the last one was a good result …show more content…
I wanted to know what would have my parents do if they found out that my brother and I decided to run away from home because of their fight and didn’t want to come back unless they stopped fighting. I wanted them to realize that we were hurt by their fights, and we were affected by it. I wanted them to be alone in our house to talk and work things out just between the two of them.
In addition, there were certain results that followed when I made that decision and the first one is I couldn’t focus with my studies. My personality changed. I became quiet, I’m not talking to anyone and I always think deep. Then I got lower grades compared from my previous ones. I became less active in participation and in assignments. I couldn’t focus because I remembered all the quarrels my parents had. The second one is I became too emotional. Sometimes, I woke up in the middle of the night crying. At some point, I cried with no reason. Also, when I was playing outside with my cousins, they teased me with such small things. Then after that, I didn’t want to join them anymore. I walked away from them and went to the corner of the house crying and pity myself, which is very different from I was before.
On the other hand, there’s a good effect had happened, and that was the time they realized that they’re acting immature and have to be a good parent for their children. They stopped fighting, they stopped arguing, and they

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