Causation Of And Counter For The Obesity Crisis Essay

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Causation of and Counter for the Obesity Crisis It is difficult to approach the problem of rising obesity in America without understanding what causes that obesity. There are many theories, such as laziness, negligent, absent or busy parents, or lack of healthy food and activity resources. Encouraging personal responsibility, being more active and subsidizing health food and grocery stores are some popular suggestions. However, none of these theories explain why people fall into fat-forming habits. Obesity is in fact a socio-psychological phenomenon where behaviors that cause obesity are normal, even when looking obese is not. In order to change obesity trends, the American culture will need to adjust its outlook on normal behaviors and activity to ones that are healthier. The first issue is that if people are not paying attention to what they eat, they tend to eat a lot. Not only that, but the food they eat most likely be unhealthy. Even more, a larger number of people eat pre-made meals that come in larger portions and are high in fat and sugar. Michelle Obama leans on this phenomenon in her remarks to the NAACP, where she explains that one cause of obesity is a diminished number of families who make home-cooked meals and children who are able to pick up sugary snacks on their ways to and from school. While this definitely increases the likelihood of encountering and overeating fatty foods, it is not the primary cause of rising obesity. The real problem with a lack of…

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