Essay on Caucasian Or Asian? The Affirmative Action Discrimination

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Caucasian or Asian? The Affirmative Action Discrimination
A lawsuit. Something someone would never imagine filing against the college of their dreams. Jennifer Gratz took the University of Michigan to court over her rejection, a rejection in which she felt was given solely based on her race. However, she is not the only one who has faced such prejudice, kids all over the country suffer from racial discrimination while submitting college applications. The kids need to be judged fairly, and purely on credentials, instead of involving race. Affirmative Action may have helped minorities in the past, but in today’s society, it hurts and limits the opportunities of many racial group; it should be banned because it results in unfair advantages and does more harm than good.
Affirmative Action affects every single student that applies to a college, it 's a twisted kind of reverse discrimination. As mentioned previously, Jennifer Gratz was denied admission to the University of Michigan, and when she closely questioned the admission officers and their process in court, “The school later claimed to simplify the admissions process by using a point system and automatically awarding an extra 20 points (out of 100) to select minorities. By comparison, a perfect SAT score earned an applicant only 12 points” (Gratz, Jennifer).This clearly is not fair and shows just how prejudiced the college admissions process really is when accepting and denying students. This case was taken all the way to…

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