Essay `` Caucasia By Danzy Senna A Girl Named Birdie

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There are so many sayings today about how a person should never pretend to be someone they are not because they are only hurting themselves. But what if a person was forced to changed their identity and escape from who they truly are inside. In the novel, Caucasia by Danzy Senna a girl named Birdie goes through an identity crisis not knowing where she belongs. Her mother is white and her father is black making her a tan skinned girl while her sister is more similar to her father’s looks. Throughout the book Birdie is pressured multiple times to pass as a white Italian girl. With her not knowing where she belongs in the world she becomes depressed and has this invisible quality around others. Caucasia expresses topics of racial passing, invisibility, and identity crisis within the text through the character of Birdie. Birdie’s parents, Sandy and Deck, are part of a black movement in Boston where they teach and express race theory to others. With their involvement in this movement it caused for them to flee away from Boston and separate from each other. Sandy and Birdie became runaways while Deck, Carmen, and Cole escape towards Brazil to get away from the FBI. On the run, Sandy and Birdie discussed how they had to change their names and become different people to not fit the profile the FBI have on them. During this conversation Sandy touched on personal struggles Birdie went through her entire life such as the confusion as to which race she belonged to. Talking to Birdie,…

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