Cattell's Analysis of Specification Equation Essay

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John is sitting in an upscale restaurant with a few of his co-workers from the law firm. The atmosphere is nice. The food is good. The waitresses are beautiful. For some reason, because of his lack of social assertiveness, John is having a hard time fitting into the group. He is feeling left out of conversations and seemingly always one step behind the conversation. They have just sat down and he is already feeling his palms become sweaty. The waitress comes to the table and asks the other guys what they want to drink. They all agree on a variety of wines; cabernets, pino noirs, pino blancs, zinfandels, ect. Now, John normally doesn’t drink anything. In fact, he has seen the effects of alchohol in an alcoholic mother growing up. He knows …show more content…
is just as good.

Dutifulness: 34. This comes from his lack of respect for authority figures and rules. His dad always taught him to “push the limits of rule making.” This has always made John more of a rule breaker. He views laws and rules as guidelines rather than brick walls.

Social Assertiveness: 43. John, like stated earlier, has a hard time asserting himself in any situation, let alone a social one. Frequently, in social settings, John will engage in the converstion, actively listening, think of something that he could add to the conversation, wait for the moment to say it, think about it some more, and before he knows it, he is behind in the conversation, his opporitunity lost and the conversation moved on. He has a hard time being himself in social settings.

Sensitivity: 97. Even the tiniest thing can have a great impact on John. Not only does he have an acute sensitivity to other people’s feelings and emotions, he also has a great deal of sensitivity towards situations. He tends to feel other people’s emotions stronger than his own. Sometimes, he gets so lost in these other emotions, he looses his own.

Paranoia: 22. John has extremely low paranoia for a lawyer. He doesn’t believe that there is ever a reason to be paranoid. The only situations in which his paranoia arises are in extremely uncomfortable social settings.

Abstractness: 34. Because of his science background and his

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