Shark Advertisement Analysis

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Whether it is on the radio, in a magazine, or on television, it seems that we can never escape the heart felt, turn the channel advertisement produced by humane societies across the nation. The point of these advertisements is very clear: don’t abandon your beloved pet and help those who have by adoption. Cats and dogs are not the only animals that are in need of saving by neglectful humans. Many wild and exotic animals, and their habitats, are being exploited by human beings which is causing many to become extinct or endangered. What some people do not know is that a majority of shark species are vulnerable and are very close to becoming endangered. This image uses pathos, logos, and ethos by illustrating the negative effects that humans have on the environment. On one half of the picture, they have an image of a fin on the surface of a smooth, calm sea with an almost foggy, gloomy sky. Underneath the fin in bold, white letters to stand out of the rich, blue of the waters is the word “HORRIFYING.” On the right side of the image, we see the same gloomy, foggy sky and deep, rich blue waters of the sea. The only difference is the absence of the fin. Under where the fin should be, in bright white, bold lettering is …show more content…
When a person hears the word “shark,” it brings a very negative feeling and the reminder of the blockbuster “JAWS.” The illustrator uses colors that are almost eerie in nature to confirm the feeling of fear that comes over someone when they think of sharks. By using the terms “HORRYIFING” and “MORE HORRYIFING,” the illustrator is trying to get the audience to feel some sympathy towards the creatures that live in the sea and those who are directly affected by humans. The illustrator wrote the phrases in bold, white lettering to draw in the viewer’s attention, yet it doesn’t take their attention away from the image as a

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