Catnip Research Paper

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A harmless high for felines and useful for people. Catnip leaves contain considerable quantities of vitamins C and E, both powerful antioxidants. The main phytochemicals, nepetalactone isomers, mild sedatives, somewhat like the active ingredients in valerian. Catnip is a gentle but potent sleep-inducer for people who calms without affecting you the next day. It soothes the nervous system and can safely help you get a restless child off to sleep, in fact catnip, including chamomile, is one of the most frequently recommended herbs for use in childrens complaint.

Catnip tea has long been used in traditional herbal medicine to combat digestive disturbances, and reducing the pain of menstrual cramps. A hot cup of catnip tea is excellent for treating colds and flu because it producing sweat without increasing the heating system. Catnip tea is good for curing headaches as well. (Dawson, Adele)
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Glycerin-based tinctures are also good for both people and cats. The leaves are sometimes smoked recreationally.

Herbaceous and subtly floral Catnip brings energies of knowledge, mystery, and playfulness. Researchers at Iowa State University found nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that gives the plant its characteristic odor, is ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET.

Catnip (Catnep in English) is an aromatic, characteristic odor, which bears a certain resemblance to that of the same and Mint Pennyroyal. It is because of this sensation has a strange fascination for cats, who will destroy any plants that may happen to be bruised.

The old, sweet grass is naturalized in North America so long ago that some think it's a native, Catnip honey flavored with aromatic tea is a favorite of early American

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