Catholic Religion Essay

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The Roman Catholic Religion *
March 17, 2011

The Roman Catholic Religion
As a child, I remember going to Mass every Sunday like clockwork. For the first nine years of my life we followed the Catholic religion, at least that was the way it seemed to me. Seeing my parents standing in line and waiting to receive the body and blood of Christ, listening to the sermon and signing my brothers and I up for communion classes, doing all the things Catholics do in order to make sure they stay within the track the lord wants us on. Sometime around my tenth birth we made the change as a family to become protestant, and until today we are Protestants. In recent years, I asked my mother why we made the change from one religion
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Bernard’s; it was a really big congregation.
Alejandro Lopez, a member of the St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, attends mass every Sunday without fail with his Family of four. His wife Carmen, his daughter Juliana of age four and his son Alejandro age three. I sat down with Alejandro for an interview that consisted of ten questions. As he explained to me, some of the main Catholic traditions and holidays include, ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and the whole Holy week, Easter, Immaculate Conception, Christmas, confession etc. “For my family the most important holiday is Christmas, not just for the obvious reasons but it is the celebration of our lord Jesus Christ’s birth and he is our savior” (A. Lopez, personal communication, March 13, 2011.) For the Roman Catholic faith, Christmas is an extremely important celebration. The birth of the lord is widely celebrated around the world. Another tradition that is very important for the Lopez family is Lent. Lent is the season of penance and prayer prior to Easter. It is period when most Catholics fast in preparation for Easter. Lent is forty days long between Ash Wednesday and Easter. This period of sacrifice for the Lopez family means a small example of the sacrifices Jesus endured for us, according to Alejandro.
The Roman Catholic religion gives Alejandro’s young family a track in life to stay on and to live by. “It is an instruction manual to life for me and my family to follow and to

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