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A Catholic Church Experience
Christianity today is one of the dominant religions in the world. Christianity has a variety of beliefs, exercises and forms, despite the many denominations all have one common belief, which is faith in Jesus Christ and that He is our Lord and Savior. I am a strong believer in God and Jesus Christ. I am of the Christian religion and the church I attend in The Bahamas is a non-denominational one. My choice for this class site visit was to attend St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church. Father Maximilian Kolbe is honored because his faith gave him the dignity to live and die knowing that, despite whatever horrendous condition he experienced; they believe God is always with them. Though large and
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This intriguing design was displayed directly in the front and center of the church right above the altar. The presence of Jesus Christ on the cross portrait made me feel like I was in my very own church home and it was an indication that Catholics have the same faith in Jesus Christ and believed that he died on the cross for our sins.
As Mass began, the Priests stood by the door as three young altar servers walked towards the altar holding the cross. The Priests and other ministers, readers and altar servers slowly walked towards the table of the parish family, which is the altar of sacrifice. As they walked upon the Altar the sign of the cross was made and the words “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” and “The Lord be with you” were said. The Priests would also ask for the congregation to take a few minutes to ask for the forgiveness of their sins followed by scriptures read by the Priests and the congregation replying “Lord have mercy”. I found this all interesting as I am not familiar with these traditions in my Church. The reading of the Word was then initiated and ended with the saying “Thanks be to God” followed by a prayer and the hymn “This is my Desire”. Hymns were vigorously sung throughout the sermon making the presence of God heartfelt throughout the Mass. Furthermore, I continued to examine the church and its people and had observed the altar which included a Deacon who wears a

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