Catherine 's Relationship With Her Father 's Life Essay

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My character, Catherine, was in a contradictory relationships with her now deceased father, Robert. She has given up her life to make him comfortable in his last days, but is bitter because she has missed many opportunities and in his shadow. Catherine’s relationship with her father’s old student, Harold Dobbs, is contradictory. At first the two characters are forced into be acquaintances but attraction is developed and they become confrontational partners. Although, Catherine has a much more complex relationship with her older sister, Claire. Catherine is very resentful to her older, more accomplished, sister Claire and accuses her for her missed opportunities. While on the other hand Claire blames Catherine for their father’s death because Catherine would not allow her father be admitted into a mental institution. However, they both fail to see that they both have been working towards the same goal. By Claire working twice as hard to pay two mortgages and Catherine being her father 's primary caretaker. In both of these competitive situations you can tell both sisters care for their father, but in different ways. Both of the sister’s compete for their success in life. It seems that Catherine and Claire both compete to have power over the each other. Catherine being a caretaker for her father and having quiet success in mathematics. Claire’s success is in her accomplished college career and home life. However, there is a clear value of family between the two siblings.…

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