Essay on Catherine The Great : An Enlightened Despot

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Catherine the Great died while in a coma, which was caused by a stroke at the age of 67. She ruled with an enlightened mind, making her country better and not just seeking power for herself. She was able to accomplish several amazing things as well as conquering many failures, making both into benefits for Russia. Catherine the Great was a German princess turned Russian Empress. She gained her throne through a coup d’état with her husband Peter III, ruling for 34 years until her death. Many believe Catherine the Great was a power hungry dictator, but Catherine ruled as an enlightened despot, this is shown with all the accomplishments she made to help Russia and not herself.
Born on May 2, 1729, in Stettin Prussia, Catherine was the daughter of German royalty, her parents were Christian August and Princess Johanna Elisabeth. In 1744, a letter arrived from Empress Elizabeth I of Russia, asking the young German princess to come to Russia for a visit, at the time Elizabeth was looking for an heir to her throne. When Catherine arrived, Empress Elizabeth decided that Catherine would bring her the heir she wanted. Originally named Sophie Friederike Auguste, Catherine later changed it when converting from Lutheran to Russian Orthodox to gain favour. Soon after on August 21 1745; she married the Grand Duke Peter III. He was described as a childish, immature and a cruel man, their marriage was never one of love or respect. On December 26, 1762 Empress Elizabeth died making Peter III…

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