Catherine And Heathcliff 's Development As Characters Through The Two Key Settings Of The Wuthering Heights

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This essay will discuss Catherine and Heathcliff 's development as characters through the two key settings of the Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. Focusing on their characteristics of pride, anger, passion and resentment which are developed through the key factors of love and the Heights chaotic and dangerous nature. This will be contrasted to the civilised representation of culture in which the Grange exemplifies.

Catherine relationship with the Grange began when she was mauled by a dog and forced to stay there. This marks the beginning of her confinement at Thrushcross Grange which will reveal her as someone who is more concerned with herself than her relation to others. An example of this narcissistic quality is when she behaves suicidal in nature not eating for four days while being pregnant. Her confinement in the Grange personifies her control she chooses to lock herself in the room as to get pity from Edgar and less successfully with Nelly. This is the feminine way of gaining control through manipulation within a men dominated society and how there was often no other way to achieve what they wanted in an 18th century society. Confinement can be seen in Heathcliff as he is isolated by Mr Hindley from other people and repressed to a slavish farmhand which can be interpreted as the harsh, unforgiving terrain of Wuthering Heights. But this is not the only instance of Heathcliff and control in the text as he seduces Isabella for revenge this deceiving of others…

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