Essay on Cathedral By Raymond Carver : Cathedral

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In the short story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver, the main character discovers that to let go of his own rigid perceptions of the world is the most rewarding choice he can make. Carver, in his short story Cathedral, shows ironically how a blind man is open to ideas and experiences, in contrast to the narrator, a man who has full use of his senses but is strangely limited by his ways of thinking. In the end, Robert, the blind man, convinces the narrator to close his eyes and experience things as the blind do. Only then does the narrator feel free and pleasure In doing so, the author suggests that the mind is the most important factor in the way we view things, and that the judgments we make are often based on what our minds construct instead of on what is really there.

In the story we meet a blind man, a wife, and the wife’s husband. We learn early in the story that the story is being told from the husband’s point of view. He starts off the story by explaining that the blind man whose name is Robert is coming to stay with him and his wife at their house while he visits his dead wife’s relatives. The husband is quick to judge and also quick to acknowledge that he is not happy to have Robert staying at his house. Especially a man he has never met and old heard on tape, not counting a man that has an unusual relationship with his wife. While reading this story you being to actually wonder who the blind man actually is. The husband starts out by being very judgmental…

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