Catering Business Plan Essay

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Beli Fire

Business Plan
Prepared November 19, 2012

Contact Information
Meagan Lydon
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Objectives 3
Organizational Vision 3
Description of Legal entity and ownership 3
Start Up Performance Table 4

Company Company Summary 5 Mission Statement 5
Keys to Success 5

Strategy and Implementation Marketing Plan 6
Contingency Plan 8
Measurement and Tracking 11
Evaluation and Follow-up 12

Financial Plan
Break Even Analysis 13
Profits and Loss Statement 15 Personal Plan 16

Appendix Start-up Summary 4 Break Even Analysis 13 Profits and Loss
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Selecting Beli Fire Catering you know your family will receive a healthy organic meal with controlled portion sizes at an affordable cost. Overall, we strive to help our customers relieve the daily stress of what to fix their families for dinner by providing them with great menu choices that they know are healthy.
Keys to Success
The key to success is to: 1. Meet and exceed the customer's needs in terms of quality of food and excellence of service. 2. Maintain customer retention and obtain a network of customer referrals 3. Provide a variety of menus offered based on seasons, trends, and customer preferences. 4. Offer a higher quality of food for a competitive price. 5. Build a website that will be an efficient and convenient place for customers browse menus and place orders.

Strategy and Implementation

Marketing Plan

Beli Fires marketing tool is easy: satisfied customers are the best marketing instruments you can have. When customers are finished eating a delicious, satisfying, and healthy meal, our catering services will be able to stand above the competition. Asking our customers to spread their enjoyable experiences through word of mouth will help to get the companies name into the local community.

Beli Fire Catering will focus its

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