Catechism Of The King Of God: Jesus Christ The Liberator

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Jesus Christ the Liberator
Jesus Christ is known as the Liberator of all humanity. The Bible assists us with understanding why Jesus came to emancipate the human race from any type of corruption or obstacles in life such as social, political, and even death. “Naming Jesus “the Liberator” is practically synonymous with naming him “Savior,” “Redeemer,” and “Deliverer.” Incidentally, the Catechism of the Catholic Church in referring to Christ’s work, uses the terms “redemption,” “salvation,” and “liberation” in that order of frequency apparent tension in Jesus’ preaching about the yet-to-come kingdom of God and the already-here kingdom is like the two sides of a same coin.” (Simão 2) Through Jesus’ preaching, how he acted, and his miracles, Christ
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The kingdom of Satan is filled with the power of domination and oppression. Jesus saw the Jewish leaders oppressing others with the way they used the laws. The laws lead to suffering, and hypocrisy. “He always viewed political power as a diabolical temptation because it implied a regionalization of God’s kingdom, which was meant to be universal.” (Boff 286) Jesus talked about the impending kingdom where laws were made to service others. He desired to liberate everyone from the laws and the oppression of lawmakers, due to ill intentions. The structure of power in the kingdom would make everyone equals and laws would become merely functional.
Christ tells us we must convert, in order to enter the kingdom of God. “In order that such a liberation from sin, from its personal and cosmic consequences, and from all other alienation suffered in creation, be realized, Christ makes two fundamental demands: He demands personal conversion and postulates a restructuring of the human world.” (Boff 64) To alleviate suffering on this earth, we must walk in Christ’s path and give our life over to God. We must be more like Jesus and open our hearts in other for God to reveal His true self to
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Through the resurrection of the Risen Lord, we all get the gift of deliverance. Christ’s resurrection can be described as an eschatological event, or the forthcoming of God’s rule in fullness. “Through Jesus’ resurrection, the human being as body receives from God an immortal life and is free from all threats of corruption. The human being as body is transformed from carnal to spiritual existence.” (Boff 136) Through Jesus’ resurrection, he freed us from our sins and damnation. The resurrection of the body of Christ shows that we must turn over a new leave and change our

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