Catcher 's First Strike Out Occurs With Gabriel Essay

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August Wilson published Fences in the year 1985 to present "a slice of life in a black tenement in Pittsburgh in the 1950s" (Jacobus, 1466). Wilson was able to accomplish his goal of writing a script that deals with time, place and action unity, as well as family. This was done through many script revisions and honing upon "the all-American game" known as baseball (Jacobus, 1495). Baseball is a reoccurring subject throughout Fences. Troy uses baseball in metaphorical instances in order to challenge individuals including Cory and Death. Troy Maxson makes it clear in this quotation how each person, specifically Cory, is standing in the batter 's box. It is up to the individual to not strike out in life. The coincidence is, is that as Troy tells Cory not to strike out, but it is actually Troy standing in the batter 's box since he is the one taking from all, and not listening to anybody. Troy 's first strike out occurs with Gabriel. This action happened offstage before the present moment of the play. Troy is suffering through a cognitive dissonance as he attempts to rationalize his actions of stealing his brother 's money in order to purchase a home. Troy is continually complaining about how all anyone wants is money. He mentions how he at one point was a thief robbing people in order to endure the street life during his younger years. Troy even accuses his family of only wanting him for his money, especially when Lyons visits. Furthermore, Troy mentions how unfair the…

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